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Features of Driftwood Pointe Estates

Driftwood Pointe Estates was constructed of the best-available materials and professionally-designed and landscaped to ensure that the beauty of the gated community would last for many years. The design of the front wall with its green metal lights and plaques is continued throughout the property. A maintenance manager and a professional landscaping company work on a weekly basis to ensure that it is beautifully maintained.

19 level lots overlooking the Pacific Ocean

  • All utilities buried underground
  • Sewer, Electric, Water connections at each site
  • Cable and telephone connections set up for the property
  • Professionally landscaped with flowering escalonia hedges on the property lines

Gazebo & Beach Trail

  • A concrete path leads through the development to the beach steps and the Gazebo and beach below
  • Every lot has access and use of the gazebo and beach trail
  • The gazebo is professionally designed and built to provide a safe and spectacular view of the ocean
  • The gazebo features a green metal roof with gutters that match the development’s design theme, an electrical outlet, a pendulum light matching the wall lights and benches for sitting.
  • The steps to the beach feature safety handrails and a black steel gate half-way down with a key pad to ensure that only owners and guests of Driftwood Pointe Estates gain entry.
  • An additional security camera is located on the gazebo facing down on the trail and the access gate. It feeds into the DVR that holds the data from all of the security cameras.
  • The beach below Driftwood Pointe Estates consists of grey sand and driftwood. “Sunday School” rock is a large rock suitable for climbing. At the south end of the beach, access is limited through a hole in the rock to low tides. Our beach is located just a ¼ mile from the mouth of the Chetco River and the port of Brookings, Oregon.
  • The Driftwood Pointe Estates development is located on a bluff approximately 65 feet above the ocean.

Professional landscaping throughout the property

  • Landscaping designed by a landscape architect
  • Maintained on a weekly basis
  • Landscaping along front wall includes vine maples and flowering shrubs and grasses
  • Annual plantings under the main sign and in the entry planter box three times a year
  • In the interior, colorful trees and swales landscaped with flowering shrubs and grasses.
  • All property lines between adjacent lots are planted with flowering Escallonia hedges.

Professionally-designed Wall

  • Custom-made blocks include moisture sealer to avoid white leakage often seen on block walls
  • Custom-made large green metal lights automatically turn on at dark and turn off at daybreak
  • Each lighted column faced with custom-made plaqures bearing the DPE logo

Secure Entryway

  • Entry is via a classic stamped concrete roadway and custom black steel gates with the DPE logo incorporated into the design
  • Accessible by code or remote control (provided to each owner)
  • There are also two pedestrian gates accessed by code.
  • The entry island holds the keypad for code entry and is backed by a custom planter box
  • The entry lights on the wall carry out the wall theme throughout
  • Security cameras are posted on the front of each entry post facing the entryway and along the wall to protect against vandalism.
  • The data feed from the security cameras feed into a DVR located near the entry that can produce evidence for law enforcement in case of vandalism or other crimes. The data feed has the capability of being accessed over the internet.